Mutex, Current Rev 2015r4

Web App on Xojo Cloud
Repeated issues with Mutex cleaned … and the Web App does not launch

Did not have this issue in recent past. Problem seemed to begin after deploying a second Web App - after beginning to use the newest rev.

Any help?

Hi Jon - we may need to install a patch for you. I will take a look.

Thanks - I was concerned that maybe I was bumping up against a memory limit on the server due to usage.

The new version was pushed out yesterday and will be fixed the next time you deploy the app.

I am confronted with the Mutex issue again this afternoon. o we have a solution to this I can implement within the software?

I cannot think of one myself.

Restarting the server did not seem top resolve this - which seemed odd.

My solution was to re-deploy the Web App. This is not a desired solution in the long term but it seems to work in the short term.

Hi Jon - I will reply to your private message.

The forum would not let me add to our conversation in the ‘private message area’

No. I have one released Web App, End Cap App, that I want available to customers and internal staff 24/7. It is the only Web App deployed at present. Before moving to the new server failure of the App was not an issue and we had no instance of the Mutex . . . Failure to Launch error in my memory.

Since deploying to the new server in mid-December we have had two instances, the most recent was today.

My effort to resolve this was to first restart the server, which did not seem to resolve the problem.

The second step was to simply re-deploying from the IDE. The source being deployed was unchanged. It did resolve the issue for the time being.

I’m talking to Jon about this.