Must Hit "RUN" Multiple Times When Testing App???

I know I’ve seen a fair amount in the forums about having to hit Ctrl C/V/X keyboard shortcuts multiple times before the desired action happens, but I’ve also noticed that with R3.3 I have to hit “Run” more than once almost every time when I want to test my app. Sometimes it runs on the first hit, and sometimes it takes 3 or more hits of the “Run” button before anythings happens. Search as I may in the Xojo forum (and Google for that matter … since it seems to me to be a faster way to find things in the Xojo Forum itself as opposed to using the Forum’s own built-in search function), I cannot find any reference to this anomaly. Is this a known problem shared by others?

I’m using Xojo Professional R3.3, Windows 7, 64-bit Ultimate OS.