Munich Airport train and walk to hotel for MBS Xojo Conference

If you need to come from airport to hotel, you can simply take the S-train to main station. Train takes 40 minutes, goes every 10 minutes and costs about 11.60 Euro. If you want, get a day ticket for 13 Euro per person and enjoy some more train/subway/bus trips in Munich for the same day. Two to five people can take a day group ticket for 24.30 Euro.

Leave the main station on the south side. That means, you have the trains in back, you look right to the south side.
There you cross the Bayerstrae. Than, you can walk down the Goethestrae to the Maritim hotel.
To enter the hotel, you go through a passage in the backyard, where you see the hotel entrance.

Thanks Christian, looking forward to it.

Or with the immortal words of the former Bajuvarian prime minister Edmund Stoiber:

Thanks for the tips, will be arriving by the direct Zurich - Munich train. Looking forward to it. An opportunity to practice some schrift­deutsch as we call it here - although my kids have some doubts to about my ability to do so :slight_smile:

Here is a map of the main station:

You leave to south and you should see on the plan the Goethe Strae on the bottom of the PDF page.
the Dolomit Hotel is marked with 3 on the map and Maritim is just before it.

Thanks, was planning to dig out a map tomorrow.