MultiUser SQLite problem (Webapp)

I use SQLite in a Webapp. I wanna, that several user can use the App at the same time - so I set DB.multiuser = true in my project.

But even when I do an action - the actions of other users are breaking up.

This is how I connect to my DB:
dbFile = GetFolderItem(app.DBPath + “Datenbank.sqlite”) 'VMS
if dbfile.Exists = false then dbfile = GetFolderItem(“Datenbank.sqlite”) 'webserver

    Dim DB As New SQLiteDatabase
    DB.DatabaseFile = dbFile

    If DB.Connect Then
      app.Message("Die Datenbank wurde verbunden!", Msg_OK,"")
      app.DB = DB
      app.DB.MultiUser = True

    End If

If I select or execute some queries I do use a property called “app.db” as sqlitedatabase

What’s my mistake?

thank you!!!

In a web app the MultiUser should be False, since only one instance of your web app is running on the server. MultiUser is necessary when several desktop apps a opening the same SQLite file over a LAN.

So it’s NOT possible to run a WebApp with multiple users?

Not to disagree with you Eli, but this is from the LR (emphasis mine):

And that setting is for the same or different apps accessing the file on the same machine, not over a LAN. See here. From that page.

It absolutely is, but your web app should be accessing the database (as yours appears to be), not the clients.

I don’t see anything wrong with your code. Can you give us more specifics about what’s happening?

probably it’s not the DB
here is the Link to my App:

(only click on the green login)

then click on the right Button on top “Einstellungen”. If someone else click also on this, the Menu is closing! I do use Containercontrols for this menus!

In addition, make sure you create a separate DB connection for each user session. Also, use transactions, but make sure they are not open for long periods of time.

you describe that points better, Paul?

To the first point, I think Paul means, don’t keep your database in a central location, but create a new one for each session. In other words, move App.DB to Session.DB, and connect anew with each session.

It seems that it’s not the DB - it’s the container controls!

I store the current container in a property - first behind APP, now behind SESSION.
If some click next to the Container or opens another container, It do close the last current container.

So ever, when I open a container on another device, the container on the first device is closing.

The property “curr_dialog” is behind session!