Multiselect in WebListbox?


is it possible to make a multiselectable Weblistbox?



Isn’t Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click working?
Is is for me, unless i misunderstand something :wink:

no, it isn’t working! :-/

What browser do you use?
You don’t have any code in the SelectionChanged event that might be causing it?

This image is from my app in Chrome:

I tested it on Win (chrome, firefox, opera) and Mac (Safari and Chrome)

no code inside.

in addition: beside this, Xojo has a lot of bugs :frowning:

Hmm, does the Xojo EE demo work for you?
Try a new clean project with just a listbox and see what happens :slight_smile:

nothing happens :smiley:

now I’m about to re-install xojo

Just tested it here. Hold Control (even on Mac) to make multiple selections.


so ? ? ?