multiple sites on Xojo Server

I have virtually no experience with cloud computing. I have done a few sites using HTML and CSS, so please forgive such a basic question.

If I lease a Xojo server, can I host multiple sites on the same server or does a single IP map to the entire server?

You can host multiple apps on 1 server but each server only has 1 ip address.

The URL’s for those apps would look something like this:

You can also redirect your domain to a Xojo Cloud web app:

@Jason Parsley

Jason I copied the code from the blog you referenced. I inserted my webpage into the appropriate spot so it looks like this:

I saved the one line of code as Index.html, per the blog. I uploaded the index file to the /web folder on my xojo server. I am assuming the “/web” folder is the “Web Applications” folder referred to in the blog.

When I enter into the address bar what is displayed is the one line in the index file. There is no redirection.

Am I missing a piece of code? Do I have the file in the right folder?


The problem is that you used libreOffice. What it did was make a text representation of what you pasted and wrapped it in another HTML page. Just use a plain text editor.

And yes, you got it in the right location.

Greg, thank you so much for pointing that out. Now everything is working great.


Using Go Daddy’s service one can edit the DNS record as Jason has outlined above, or setup forwarding in an apparently straight forward manner, including masking. What’s the difference and what is the preferred approach?

The web administration part of this stuff is always frustrating and confusing to me.