Multiple screens with usb-vga adapter

In my Xojo project I want to use three screens

1 is my laptop screen
2 is an extra screen on the left, connected to the laptop by means of a usb-vga converter (USB 3.0 to VGA Multi-Display Converter Adapter Cable External Video Graphic Card 1920x1080 USB to VGA Adapter for Windows7/8/10)
3 idem as 2

In my visual basic program I created three forms one form for each screen

On the forms I added a Picturebox to present pictures on the different screens.

To connect a form to a specific screen I used this code:

Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
TextBox1.Text = CStr(numberofmonitors)
If numberofmonitors > 1 Then
Form2.StartPosition = FormStartPosition.Manual
Form2.Bounds = Screen.AllScreens(1).Bounds
End If

End Sub

This code is working.

How can I translate this code to Xojo?

read the langref in regards to SCREEN

Hello Dave,
thanks for your reply
i am going to have a look

Okay Dave
thank you!

Another question

ScreenCount works
but how can I direct Window1 to Screen(0)
and Window2 to Screen(1) ?

i openend window2 e.g. with:

Window2.Height = Screen(1).AvailableHeight
Window2.Width = Screen(1).AvailableWidth


but window2 appears on Screen(0)

In Visual basic the cruxial statement was:


but I cant find a simmular statment for the Window form in Xojo

Window2.left=Screen(1).left etc.

all detailed on that same section of the LangRef

And where did you set Window1.Left to Screen(1) ?
(Check SCREEN in the LR, Left Property).

Edit: beatten by Dave…

Its working
thanks for your patience!

Window2.Top = Screen(1).AvailableTop
window2.Height = Screen(1).AvailableHeight
Window2.Width = Screen(1).AvailableWidth
Window2.Left = Screen(1).AvailableLeft