Multiple instances of web app

in addition to the documentation, I read some things here in the forum, but I don’t understand if, for a web application, I can run multiple instances of the same build on different ports.

or if I have to compile multiple times, with different application identifier.

Can anyone clarify?
I apologize in advance in case I have missed other clarifying discussions on this topic.

Yes you can. This is how Lifeboat will launch the number of instances you ask it to.

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You can user the --port= or --secureport= command line parameters to launch each instance to be listening to a different port.
It’s going to be the same executable file, you compile once.

Try reading the WebApplication help page.

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thank you.

so it is not necessary for each instance to have a different ApplicationIdentifier which was set in the IDE?

can my webapp “MyApp” (with ApplicationIdentifier “com.example.myapp”) be compiled once and run on different ports at the same time?
MyApp --port=9000
MyApp --port=9001

both separately and in load balancing under nginx, without concern of conflicts or other problems?

Yes @Giacomo_Bernardi, that’s fine.

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