Multiple Email Addresses

Could someone please help me on how to add multiple email addresses to the “mail.addRecipient” command. When I have more than one email address that I load in to the “mail.AddRecipient” the program will not send the message. I place a “comma”, chr(44), between the different addresses.

You only add one at a time.

dim ars() as string ars = MyEmailList.Split(",") for each sEmail as string in art mail.addRecipient sEmail next

I have been loading a “TextAREA” with the different emails that I want to use and then loading the entire contents of the “TextAREA” in to the mail message. Thanks

MyEmailLIst is a string that you’ll get for your, presumably, Recipients list. You split it on the comma. Then loop through the resulting array to add the recipients to the mail message.

Please read the documentation for examples. Also, look in Examples/Communication/Internet/Email Example.xojo_binary_project.