Multiple apps?

I want to run a beta version of an app that I already have deployed and have some users on so I dont want to destroy it. If I change the app name and the domain name a little it warns me its going to delete the existing xojocloud subdomain - really? I have a very simple WebApp that Ive deployed on xojocloud called myapp. The domain name is, “”. If I want to slightly alter the name, “myApp2” and I change the domain name to “” I get that warning. Shouldnt it just add the new domain?

That message is a little confusing. You can change that name and the old app will not be deleted:

These are both running on the same server. I just changed the Domain Name and the label in the same project file.


Thanks for confirming Jason. I figured so but wasn’t willing to pull the trigger.

You’re welcome Sean. Yeah, I wouldn’t have wanted to pull the trigger on that either.

I should mention that there is a downside changing the Domain Name in a project (thanks for Greg for mentioning this). The domain will probably be removed from the DNS server.

A better way (if you’re using Binary projects) is probably to manipulate the domain using a build script in conjunction with the stage property (Release, Beta, Alpha, Development) which automatically changes the domain.

Basically you’ll need to create three other projects and add the domains you want to each of them for each stage and then have a pre-build script like this:

Select Case PropertyValue("app.stagecode")
Case "3"
  XojoCloudDomain = ""
Case "2"
  XojoCloudDomain = ""
Case "1"
  XojoCloudDomain = ""
Case "0"
  XojoCloudDomain = ""
End Select
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Thanks! So I deployed myapp & myapp2 - Im assuming I go back to myapp and the script in similar fashion? They are both up and working as expected…but this makes sense and looks much better. But its only binary? I have to use text for git…

Hi Sean - For a text project, you can make a branch in your version control system and set the beta domain in the branch.

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Im going to claim I knew that! :wink:

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