Multifile Upload

The file upload is great within xojo web, but I’d really like to be able to select more than one file at a time.
Has anyone implemented the ability to select multiple files or maybe even a folder within xojo web edition?

Am I missing something simple? It seems like multi select would be an option on the control.

Thanks in advance.

The dialog box that appears is controlled by the browser and the underlying control actually only accepts a single file. We manipulate that into an array to allow users to display more than one file.

Thanks for the explanation. Much appreciated.

Michael - I thought I replied to this but perhaps it was deleted as you had duplicate posts initially?

Web Custom Controls has a file uploader that supports multiple file selection and drag/drop on FireFox, Chrome, and Safari. That particular control works with Xojo 2013 r2. There’s an issue with r3 (Feedback 29775) that prevents it from working, but Xojo has already fixed it and I imagine will ship it soon.

That is a great looking set of controls! I will give that option some thought.

Thanks again!