Multi Window Program

Greetings all. I’m new to Xojo so bear with me. I’m trying to build a “projection” system program for displaying videos & graphics to a 2nd display such as a TV or a projector. Think announcements, advertisements, etc. The 2nd screen will reside in a common lobby area of a business or possibly could be used as an announcement system in public places (kiosks) … In short, the user/admin would load up a que of videos and/or graphics on Windows #1 which I’ll call “Command Center.” The 2nd Window would be placed on the extended desktop for displaying. I’ll call the 2nd window “Show Place.” The videos and graphics loadsup from the que in “Command Center” and displays on Window2 (Show Place) at varying intervals using timers. All controls for Window2 are done from Window1. Window2 is basically a full screen window that would take up the entire screen on the 2nd monitor/tv/display once the “Play” button is pushed in the “Command Center”. Are there any tutorials that could point me in the right direction to begin building something like this? I know that I can already buy this kind of product so I don’t really need that suggestion. This is a learning experience for me and the point is that I want to build this myself simply for the process of learning.

Start by creating Window1 and Window2
Name them frmController and frmDisplayer.
Add properties to the app

 frmControl as frmController   and frmDisplay  as frmDisplayer[/code]

In the event, set
[code]frmControl =new  frmController   
frmDisplay  = frmDisplayer


You now need to work out what to put on them, and how to get them to be on Screen(0) and screen(1)
To refer to frmDisplay from within frmControl, use


You may choose not to display frmDisplay until the play button is pressed.
In which case you remove
frmDisplay = frmDisplayer


until the Play button is pressed, and use this instead:

app.frmDisplay = frmDisplayer

Start by reading the manuals for Xojo inside the documentation folder.

  1. UserGuide-Fundamentals.pdf
  2. UserGuide-UserInterface.pdf
  3. UserGuide-Framework.pdf
  4. UserGuide-Development.pdf

And if you’re having trouble with the basics after that, there’s TutorialDesktop.pdf which walks you through making a simple desktop app.