Multi Tenant Postgres Schemas

var row_settings as RowSet=app.gdb.SelectSQL(“SELECT * from “+app.db_schema+”.settings where refno_set=$1”,app.refno_set)

if row_settings.RowCount>0 then

errors and returns

The RecordSet cannot be edited because the uniqueness of its rows cannot be verified.

This only occurs when I have 2 or more schemas in a multi tenanted scenario. No problems if I have just 1 tenant in the schema.

Is this a known error or am I doing something wrong?

have this settings table a id field as primary key?

Hi Markus

Yes refno_set is the primary key

I’ve encounter some weird things with EditRow
I solved it by using ExecuteSQL with an UPDATE statement…

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Thanks Jean-Yves

That was going to be my next option but will mean a lot of code changes which I’m trying to avoid if possible

can you edit this row in pgAdmin?
i remember a bit there was a odd behavior, but it was years ago.

Yes. I use Navicat and that works fine. Going to sit down later with the good old fashioned UPDATE statement

using sqlexecute and update has resolved the issue so I am guessing editrow doesn’t work when you are using multiple schemas with the same tables

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