Multi-record INSERT INTO Prepared Statement

I use Prepared Statements when adding a single new record to my PostgreSQL database using the INSERT INTO TableName (field1, field2, …) VALUES (…) command, but this command allows multiple records to be entered i.e.

INSERT INTO TableName (field1, field2, …) VALUES (…), (…), (…), (…), (…), (…);

Is it possible to use this multi-record insertion as a prepared statement?

What you can consider David is executing multiple prepared statements in one transaction.

Sometimes the easiest way to find out is to try something.

I just got this the work in the SQLite Example project.

[code]Dim ps As SQLitePreparedStatement

ps = app.db.Prepare(“INSERT INTO Team(Name,Coach,City) VALUES(?,?,?),(?,?,?),(?,?,?)”)
for i as integer = 0 to 8
ps.SQLExecute(“Seagulls”, “Mike”, “Albany”,“Pigeons”, “Mark”, “Springfield”,“Crows”, “Matt”, “Houston” )[/code]

Thank you guys