Multi picture to gif

On Windows
The basics
I have an animated GIF in a picture variable that is a multi frame picture (image)
And I need to take that picture and write it out to an animated GIF
I boiled it down to 2 lines of code

Dim p As picture = picture.Open( GetOpenFolderItem("") ) // select an animated GIF

// the picture is a multi frame "image"
// in my case made up of 12 frames

p.Save( GetSaveFolderItem("",""), Picture.Formats.GIF ) // fails with unsupported format exception

that dont work :frowning:
Of course on macOS the read returns a single picture that when saved, or getdata called on the picture, returns the entire animated GIF and is can be saved to a file successfully

ANYONE have a bit of code that can take an animated GIF from a PICTURE and either return all the data OR write it to a file successfully till as an animated GIF

MBS doesnt have anything that I can see unless I read the image in again (which would be a signifcant rework of this code that Iā€™m really not interested in doing)

Norman you need help in Xojo coding. Are you serious?

yeah it happens
hoping someone has something but if not I have some C and C# I can port

You can use GifPictureMBS or GMImageMBS classes to build animated GIFs.

without any plugin i would use AVI (without packing) or Motion JPEG, better than nothing.

what i think about code once

I obviously misread and should be able to adapt the code in one example to my needs

Markus :
avi and motion jpeg are simply NOT useful in ANY way for this