multi-line toolbar button caption

Is there a way to have a toolbar button caption be multiple lines? I’m wanting this to work on OSX as well as Windows.

I tried the following and only the first line is displayed:

ToolButton(Window1ToolBar1.Item(0)).Caption = "First Line" + endofline + "SecondLine"

Not certain about Windows and Linux, but I think on Mac OS X it can only be a single line…

Thanks for your response. :slight_smile:

You could add the first line of text to the bottom of the icon, caption becoming the second line.

Doesn’t allow for localized versions too easily… I’d recommend coming up with shorter captions and perhaps using the tooltip if you need to explain more about the button…

The text can be drawn into the picture used for the icon at runtime.

It’s always better to have shorter captions, but maybe the OP has his own reasons to want two lines…

The tool bar button caption seems like a logical place to put a user name and their company name and not use as an actual button. But that would take up two lines in order to not be too long on the toolbar.

I considered drawing into a picture, but was trying to avoid that… Thank you for your suggestions. :slight_smile: