Multi column table with sort functions

Just trying to pick your brains. What would be the best approach to do a multi column table with sort functions in Xojo iOS?

I’m thinking about one of these three options:

  1. Custom table cells. I think that would be the easiest solution. However, would it be possible to scroll horizontally with them?
  2. HTML Viewer. Does anybody have any experience with this? Does it work with the sorting function, i.e., locating the tap on the device?
  3. Scrollable areas. Not sure about the details though. I think this is probably the most difficult solution.

I would choose #1.

In my XDC presentation (~12:30 mins) I had a SegmentedButton above with the choice of List/Filter/Fields. Under Fields you could choose what fields were to appear columns and which column field was the sort field (only one).

When you changed the results and clicked on List, it showed the sorted results. Maybe this is overkill for what you need, but it works.

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Thanks for your input, I’ll go with custom table cells.

I’m not sure if it would work, but if it would be possible to catch a drag event, you could change the horizontal offset of the controls inside the CustomTableCell… I think. And thus, allow horizontal scrolling.