Mulit-platform windows programming

creating web app for desktop, and iPad. The windows have to be different. Trying to find the easiest way to program for different windows.

The desktop program is complete and running. I’m adding the iPad window.

Putting all my methods (there’s a lot) in the session seems over burdensome due to extended references.

Anyone have a spectacular idea how to do this without months of work?

I don’t have an answer but I think you should move this conversation to the “Web” sub forum.

Place your methods into a series of Modules — one for entirely generic methods, one for desktop only, one for WE only, etc (you need to do this since a method receiving or returning a WE object will not compile in a desktop app and vice versa. Code inside a method can be inside #if target commands).

Make these modules external to your project. As you create a new app, drag them as aliases into your new project. Now your interface is environment specific but your code is not.

thanks David … did move this to web sub forum under “Session and webpage issues”