I am using MSSQLServerPlugin on Windows to connect to a SQLserver.
Works well if I do Select- , Insert- and Update queries and works well if I use a preparedstatement to gather data into a recordset. But it causes problems when I use a prepared statement to insert a new record. Inserting this record using just a INSERT INTO query works well.
It seems that the prepared statement I launch locks my database, even after closing the connection. I refuses the connection only when I quit my application, and believe it or not, even SQL Management Studio and Navicat cannot close their connection to the database as long as my application is not closed. Weird.
I know how to use preparedstatements since I use them for all my different kind of databases. And I have heard quite some times that the MSSQLServerPlugin sucks in a way Xojo can’t help it. As a workaround I could go using MBS SQL plugin I know, but I am curious if this problem I am facing now with MSSQLServerPlugin is a known one since I can’t find it out now.

I do use prepared statements to insert into MS SQL database and generally without problems. When there are issues it is regarding the known varchar(max) issue and losing data past 256 bytes (doesn’t stop the app running, just corrupts the data).