MSSQL - Unable to connect to DB(GUI) while instancing via code works


I wanted to add a db connection to one of my apps but if I add the database object(to check what data i am getting) I will always get a could not connect to database error, if I do it via code(using as reference) it works flawlessly. Is it standard behaviour(in that case xojo should remove the database object if it only works via code) or should I file a bug?

Platform is Win 7 64 SP1 W Xojo 2015r4.1

The db editor built into the IDE has always been a bit flaky. I’m not surprised it doesn’t work with MSSQL. It is also inherently limiting, so it’s always best to connect in code anyway.

The db editor in the old IDE, being not the most stable one, was 100 times better than the one in the new IDE. I wouldn’t mind if they took it out of the IDE or preferrably replace it ASAP with a better one or even the old one.