MSSQL Bug still there , any workarounds?

Hello guys,

Apparently I needed to use a MSSQL server to fetch some data and again I discovered that is impossible with XOJO, the Database Exception is simply throws error and a link to a bug that does not exist anymore . Checking on the forum for similar issues I get this DB Error on SQLSelect - Error retrieving large column values , so in 2021 still we cannot use xojo on Windows with the windows products ?

Is there any workaround at the current date ?


So can someone from @XOJO explain what “Error retrieving large column values due to a bug in the SQL Native Client (” and what can be done, as eventually that plugin supposed to work, what Large Column Values means ? I tried to fetch 1 record, then 1 record and 1 column, what is the limit for that ? or we cannot use it at all ? , I mean it was nice of you to mention the bug on Microsoft but that is more an excuse than a functional product, or at least this is how I see it.

On Examples in XOJO there is nothing mentioning that or a workaround for it. so why we still have that driver ? just to be there ?


We can recommend our MBS Xojo SQL Plugin as an alternative way to connect to MS SQL Server.

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Hi Christian,

If that means not installing 40 + plugins to have that then we will consider that option.


MBS Xojo SQL Plugin is just one file.