MSOfficeAutomation Autocomplete does not appear to be working

Hello All,

When I do the following:

[code]Dim excel as ExcelApplication

The popup is giving me methods/functions/etc that appear to be generic and not specific. For example I would expect the “visible” property to be an option, but it isn’t. But I can manually type the option, “excel.visible=True” and it works fine.
Seems to be really bad in 2015r4 and hit/miss in the previous version.

Is anyone else experiencing this behavior?


Yes, Office has been doing this for quite a while, and I seem to remember it before 2011. This plugin does need a little attention to update the autocomplete.

This topic gets my vote for an update to Autocomplete (+1) :slight_smile:


I have the same problem with last version of Xojo, the autocomplete do es not work. I’m in agree with Eugene, this plugin need an update to solve this problem.

This plugin is very important, especially for those who frequently use the library Office Excel.

This topic gets my vote too for an update to autocomplete (+1).

Thanks guys. It is good to know that I am not going totally bonkers.
I was going to ask which was the last release to work well with this, but I think @Eugene Dakin may have answered that.

I looked around and did not see a feedback case for this so I created one with a sample project and screenshots.
Please add this to your list if you consider this important.

42312 - MSOffice plugin is not autocompleting properly

Thanks for the Feedback case number @Craig Boyd. I added some points in Feedback to help increase the ranking of this case.

Thanks @Eugene Dakin ! I think one or two others have signed on to it as well. It is #66. With one or two more folks adding it to their top 5 we could move this into the top 50. :slight_smile:

Norman has already fixed this. :smiley:

Thanks @Andre Kuiper ! I just saw it a few minutes ago!

THANK YOU @Norman Palardy !!!