MsgBox when Prompted Clears Combobox

Hello everyone,

I have checked, double checked, and triple checked. I have performed numerous tests and have discovered that in the event that a combo box has focus and a message box is prompted that it clears the message box, can anyone explain to me why this is?

What platform? Perhaps you can save the ComboBox contents before you display the MsgBox and then restore it afterwards?

Windows 10 using 2015r3.1

I thought of that, and that works well, i was mainly curious on why this happens. Upon further testing i have discovered that almost every lost focus event on a ComboBox will reset it. For example i selected an item then went to take a screenshot using the SnipIt tool, and by clicking on the SnipIt tool it cleared the ComboBox. to get around this i had to click anywhere within the program window then click the SnipIt tool and this did not clear the ComboBox

I do not see that behavior in a simple project I just tried with 2015r3.1 and Win10. If you have a sample project that demonstrates this, please create a Feedback case with it so we can take a look.

i just created a simple project as well that did not do the same thing. it must be the complexity of the project. I can find no code that it changing or even referencing the combo box so there just must be a bug in my project.