MsgBox "freeze" my Finder

In a Canvas, I have DropObject; the code there calls a method who resize the dropped image.

For debug purposes (what a bad idea), I issue a MsgBox with the image width and height.

Used code:

MsgBox "This is a Message Box…"

That application have three other windows with Canvas, who accept images drop. Lately, I started to drop images (the same) onto all these four windows and noticed the MsgBox “freeze” my Finder.

a. The Finder "record the actions and execute them after a click in the OK button,
b. I put the code in the DropObject Event and get the same results.

Also, a Return keypress is lost (does not press the OK button), the MsgBox is frontmost.

El Capitan / Xojo 2015r1 (both running in the IDE and as stand alone application).

Finder and the file are both locked during the DropObject event.

The only thing you should be doing in this event is creating a FolderItem reference to the dropped file. Processing the file should be threaded or delayed until the next event loop with a Timer.

Since Finder and the file are locked and MsgBox is modal, this behavior comes as no surprise.

Thanks Tim for the explanation.

For debugging purposes, you could also draw your text onto the canvas.

You are correct, Greg.

Worst, I have a Label (or TextField, I forgot) to make user reports I can use for debugging; or SystemLog…

Past weird habits are hard to left…