MSAutomation Plugin


The MSAutomation plugin seems to be missing from the xojo2013r2 download…or at least I cannot find it in the plugins folder (which contains MSSQL/Mysql,OBDC, Oracle and Postgre plugins) or searching for it with explorer. So can I use xojo2013r1 MSAutomation plugin?..just copy and paste it to the plugins folder?

You probably need to copy it from the extras\office automation folder into your plugins folder then restart Xojo.

Thanks Wayne for the answer. I immediately recalled that after posting. But thanks for taking the time to reply…wish you could edit posts

Should be a setup feature IMO

It is mentioned in the upgrade guide, but I do wonder why it was removed.

It was removed for several reasons:

  1. It ate up a lot of memory
  2. It slows down Autocomplete and IDE loading
  3. Wasn’t really relevant for OS X or Linux IDEs

Still as an option when installing xojo would be more professional imo rather than having to read the forums, and scratch around. As I say jimo

Hmm, I’m not sure why you assume that Mac and Linux users would not be building for Windows! Anyway, the present arrangement is working fine.