MS SQL: API client not set

If my users see the Message “API client not set” on Windows when using MBS, can i simply assume the connection went down?
Or in other words, i would like to prevent such a Message and replace it with a more informative one (more informative for the normal user, not for myself).

No, it just means you didn’t tell plugin for a connection which server type you want.

What methods do you call?

e.g. with SQLDatabaseMBS, you use con.DatabaseName = “SQLServer:”+server.Text where SQLServer: is the prefix telling the type.
or with SQLConnectionMBS, you pass it as parameter: con.Connect(server.text,user.text,password.text,SQLConnectionMBS.kSQLServerClient)

Thank you Christian.
I have currently no access to my source and will take a look into it at the weekend. I will come back to this Thread if needed, but i think i can fix it with the information you already gave here.

i’ve the same problem i sent you a mail but i’ve set the connect in the right way.

If the sql server ip is for example and database name is hello

server.text should be right?