Moving my HandleSpecialURL to XC


I have an app that validates membership from my iOS app.

RSocket.SetRequestContent(data, "application/x-www-form-urlencoded")
RSocket.Send("POST", "")

How do I call that on XC, Since the url is

Would it just be

So I don’t need the validatemembership.cgi?


I am assuming your App name is ActivateApp. The ValidateMembership portion I was not sure about because I am assuming that’s a folder on your webserver not the actual XojoWeb App.

ValidateMembership is the name of the folder and the name of the app. ActivateApp is the special url that calls the method.

Then it should be:

@Steve Koger

Our new Word Press site is finally up and I set up a re-direct from



Trying it it causes the iOS app to crash.

Is there a way to test this in a browser?

Am I going to need to update the iOS app to make this work?


You should be able to test it in a browser by just pasting that url in the browsers url line. If your IOS app is crashing then you need to put code in it to capture the crash. Can you run the IOS app in simulator as then you should be able to see what is causing it to crash.

@Steve Koger

Well apparently redirecting it breaks it. I updated the URL and it worked.

So I guess I’ll have to update the app in the app store.

Only problem is I can’t even begin to remember how to do that. :frowning:


@Paul Lefebvre

Paul can you point me to the latest docs on deploying an iOS app to app store?