Moving MBS Meter

I am having issues inputting a meter where I want it. Currently, I have it set in a canvas paint event. The code is as follows:

[code] dim m as new CDAngularMeterMBS(260, 150)

m.setMeter(130, 130, 120, -90, 90)

m.setScale(0, 30000, 5000, 2500, 500)

m.addZone(0, 18000, 90, 120, &h66ff66)

m.addZone(18000, 25000, 90, 120, &hffff33)

m.addZone(25000, 30000, 90, 120, &hff6666)

call m.addText(200, 60, “PSI”, “arialbd.ttf”, 12, CDBaseChartMBS.kTextColor, CDBaseChartMBS.kCenter)

m.addText(156, 8, m.formatValue(value, “2”), “arial.ttf”, 8, &hffffff).setBackground(&h000000, 0, -1)

call m.addPointer(value, &h40666699, &h000000)


Obviously, this is only applying it to the top left corner. How do I apply this to the canvas object?

My goal is to have it adjust with the window resizing. Thank you so much.

instead of


better take the picture and draw it into the graphics object passed to paint event:

dim pic as picture = m.makeChartPicture g.drawpicture pic, 0, 0