Moving cursor inside Xojo window causes Runtime Error

I’m currently running Xojo (2021r1.1) on Manjaro (with Gnome Desktop Environment), and I encountered this runtime error when I started moving my cursor inside Xojo’s application window for Desktop/Console type of project.

Log message:

Runtime Error
Please report what caused this error along with the information below.
Common/ClassLib/window.cpp: 1089
Failure Condition: cursor->GetGdkCursor().Get()

Also, if I choose Web rather than Desktop, I recieve this trace instead:

Xojo: /var/lib/go-agent/pipelines/LLVM/source/include/llvm/Support/Casting.h:255: typename cast_retty<X, Y *>::ret_type llvm::cast(Y *) [X = llvm::FunctionType, Y = llvm::Type]: Assertion `isa(Val) && “cast() argument of incompatible type!”’ failed

Kindly advise what should be done in this situation.


Open a case in feedback if not exists.


Hi José
I have opened a case, hoping for the best.

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