Moving CubeSQL from Linux to Windows

I need to move my CubeSQL server from a Linux host to a Windows host.

I have already installed the same CubeSQL application on the Windows server, but I don’t want to have to reenter all my many databases and permissions. I know I will have to decommission the Linux server’s serial number.

Should I be able to copy the files from ‘/var/opt/cubesql’ into ‘C:/ProgramData/cubesql’, reboot and everything is hunky-dory?

I would expect that you may first stop the cubeSQL service.
Then copy over all the data files and start it again. No restart of computer, just the service.

CubeSQL is just a thin layer to access single file SQLite databases so, it must be. stop the CubeSQL server to close the files, copy files to the new server and start the new instance.

It doesn’t work. The databases are all listed, but the CubeSQL serial number doesn’t transfer, nor do the privileges. I stopped the Service, copied the files, then restarted the Service.

you need to find out the serial on the linux server and reenter the serial on the window version.

Make sure you have the same version of CubeSQL for both linux and window.

You did not copied the settings database. Look for the folder where the databases files were and go up a level, in that folder should be some files. Try copy them and replace those in the new server

find the command


I entered the Serial key and the privileges did not return. Yes, they are both the same version number, the latest.

There was no cubeSQL.Settings file inside /var/opt/cubesql, nor was there another level up inside /var/opt/cubesql/databases to copy over. I copied the /var/opt/cubesql directory as is, with all sub-directories, to Windows.

I know the name and serial key and have entered it into Windows with no effect. It looks like I will have to manually re-enter all my users, groups and privileges [gnashing of teeth…].

ahh… those are the thing you want to move

Seems like you should be talking to Marco about this as it’s his product.

It turns out that the missing ‘cubesql.settings file’ file on Linux is in ’ /etc/opt/cubesql.settings’. Once I stopped the Service, copied this file into ‘C:/ProgramData/cubesql’ then restarted the Service, all my users and permissions returned.

From Marco:

Yes, for a smooth migration, you should be able to copy files from ‘/var/opt/cubesql’ into ‘C:/ProgramData/cubesql’.
The only exception is the cubesql.settings file that in Linux is located in /etc/opt/cubesql.settings and it would need to be copied into C:/ProgramData/cubesql
The cubesql.settings file contains some fixed paths that you should manually update from the Admin application.