Hi Guy

in my project i have a movieplayer control and using the code as follow i should be able to play the url.

MoviePlayer1.Movie= OpenURLMovie("")

Nothing happen. I have Windows 10 OS and WMP installed.

Any suggestion?


For youtube movies i use the htmlviewer.
Drag htmlviewer in your window,add a method in htmlviewer.

Sub LoadVideo(videoID As String) Self.LoadURL("" + videoID + "?autoplay=0&fs=1&showinfo=0&version=3&controls=0&modestbranding=1&rel=0") End Sub

Add a button with code action bellow

Sub Action() Dim youID as string ="aOVKCe6j5bo" VideoID = youID VideoPlayer.LoadVideo(videoID) End Sub
And last a property VideoID as string
That is a work solution for me.