I xojo in linux and I can not run movieplayer.
someone had the same problem?

To what extent do you mean you can not run movieplayer?
What errors do you get? What does it do? What do you expect it to do?
Are you running 32 or 64 bit linux? What linux distro are you using?
What does your code look like? What kind of movie are you using?

There’s lots of useful information you’ve left out. With hardly any information available how can we help you?

  • xubuntu linux 64 bit
  • its a wmv file
  • i have no error
  • nothing do
  if f.Exists then
    Pelicula.Movie = f.OpenAsMovie
  end if

I was able to reproduce the video when my application was compiled with an old Xojo version, but since xojo 2013it does not work any more