MoviePlayer on Pi5 alternatives?

I filed a bug report on the MoviePlayer example for Desktop crashing on Raspberry Pi 5 running 64-bit bookworm. The movie player crashes the example app without any errors. Does anyone know any alternative way or a workaround?

You checked “ldd youAppName” to see any missing libraries?

No missing libraries; I can use GStreamer from the terminal and it plays the SampleMovie. Xojo staff is looking into it.

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Yo should add the bug report here for reference. xojo Media players suck, at least on windows and linux. It was a waste of time last time I try to play simple sounds on a rasp berry.

Do you have MBS plugins? They have a VLC one.

I do have MBS, but the example tells me to copy in VLC libraries, and I have no idea which ones are needed

The bug report is here:

Maybe @Christian_Schmitz can explain how to set up the example?

For now I’m using MPV from a shell, which has many options. I still would prefer movie player so I can play a movie on a part of a full screen pi app. Now, I can only play it full screen, because when playing any other size, the Raspberry Pi top menu bar becomes visible (and accessible) which isn’t an option for me.