Movieplayer avi?

Can the movieplayer control in xojo play avi videos? I thought, it’s based on the AVPlayer which can play avi.

I tried a sample AVI video and it seems to play fine on macOS.

As far as I know AVI containers are not supported.
It is possible the player tries to auto convert this before playing. Basically this means it all depends what video and audio codec streams are present in the container.

Im only able to play mp4 and mov at the moment. When i try to run avi or mkv, the movieplayer hangs at 00:00:00.

That’s why I wrote AVI is not supported:)
No idea why Paul got it working. It is possible the player muxed the streams to MP4 or MOV container before commencing to play.
Of course this will only work if the AVI has MP4 or MOV compatible streams like h264, h265, Prores and MPEG4 for video and AC3, AAC, ALAC or PCM audio.

BTW MOV containers can hold many more video and audio codecs but the above mentioned are the most common.

AVI is mostly known for Divx, Xvid video codecs. If this is the case it will not play unless you use the VLC player.