movie player and mp3 files

is there a way to have a movie player play consecutively mp3 files from a list? That is, when the first audio finishes, set a trigger or whatever to pick up the next file in a listbox or combo box and start playing? No, not speaking of using a m3u or other play list (though that would be an idea). For example, I pull in a list of mp3 files associated with a specific subject from a SQLite db to populate a list (either a listbox or a combo box) , then when the user clicks the first or any item, have the player pickup the file from there and continue.

answered my own question… yep.

HI Ben,

I’ve been trying to work out how to load a string (which contains a filename) and also load a list item from a listbox into movieplayer , but cant work out how this is done, as the, doesn’t like string values as a movie or anything.

Any help or how you managed to do this would be appreciated


He certainly store the FolderItem reference in the RowTag at ListBox filling time, then he get back the FolderItem Reference from the RowTag and pass that to the MoviePlayer.

I think.

@Chris Ward

this is an old project where you can see how to play from a list. (OSX and Windows)

Thank you Emile, and a big thanks Axel, thats really great thank you so much.