Move to newer release of Xojo

I’m currently using 2019.r3.1 on macOS 10.14.6 without any particular problems but was just wondering if there was any particular reason to move to a newer version.

MBS and DateControl from Einhugur are about the only plugins I used. I did just a test build with 2020r1 and both plugins generated errors. Said it couldn’t find them but the plugins had been copied. Do I need to update my plugins to move forward?

Anything that’s gonna break if I move up?


If the plugins are fairly recent (as in not many years old) and if you were on Intel mac and are on Intel mac still then you should not need update on those.

You might have some translocation issue. Best is to put Xojo in Applications folder, or sub folder of Applications to avoid all such drama.

currently there are more problems than benefits to migrate to from api 1.0 to api 2.0


Such a blanket statement is useless. What isn’t working for you? Changing from Date to DateTime is a lot of work. But DateTime works much better than Date. Everything else wasn’t too much work for me.


A few examples:

  1. The new WebListBox does NOT work, it is full of errors and bugs, and it is a component used in everyone’s projects … I suppose

  2. in the webTextFields many events and methods have disappeared, which makes it impossible to port or reason with the same logic used to program in the version with api1.0

  3. the DatabaseRow class and the rowSet are also full of problems, for example in the assignment of dates (as for example if you assign a date coming from a mysql source rowset to an mssql server destination rowset), not to mention the assigning a string to a field of the databaseRow, if the string contains quotes returns errors when you go to add the databaserow to a db and this is a problem od databaseRow class…

  4. The webMapViewer object that worked in rel 2019r3.2 no longer works in releases from 2020 on.

  5. the webDialogs in practice no longer exist, there is a minimized and unusable version if compared to the webDialog of the xojo 2019 version

6,7,8,9) … if you want to continue but I have to work but if you look at the forum you will find many comments indicating that the new releases of xojo are not being used by anyone as they are not very reliable, for the web part

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Web2 <> API 2. They are 2 quite different things.

I have listed some known issues that prevent porting
what do you have to say about them???

then if you want to point out

api 1.0 rel <2020
api 2.0 rel> = 2020

web 1.0 rel <2020
web 2.0 rel> = 2020

The real question is do you need to build for macOS Big Sur, iOS ? with the last technologies.
If your answer is yes, then move to last release. if not stay with your version.

the real question is

if i move to the latest version, how much uptime do i lose?
how many more problems do I have to manage … if I can get around them?

You never loose time, you correct bugs, add features. Respect users by giving a better App…
Think positive :wink:

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my “waste time” refers to the time you waste when you find unexpected problems, see malfunctions of components or classes that worked in the previous release of xojo.

then :

  1. you waste time porting because from 2019 to> 2020 many things have changed and you have to rewrite a lot of code and change the programming method

  2. you waste time verifying that what is ported continues to work, so you have to test the app brought in all its features

  3. you waste time as you are faced with new bugs related to the new release of xojo to its classes and objects and on various occasions you are unable to get around the secret and therefore you have to take 20 steps back


It seems that every year we need to invest more time to play “catch up”. But this isn’t solely the “fault” of Xojo. Users want native apps without know what this means. Which means using 2021r1 which means changing code.

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True, xojo’s fault is only the introduction of new bugs in components and classes that it releases that we are forced to align ourselves with if we want to update our apps. Another fault of xojo is the not timely resolution of these bugs (I see old and badly aged feedback for some time).


for web i waiting for Xojo 2021r1.2
otherwise there is a benefit of bug fixes from 2019 to 2021 and you have to read the release notes.

why exactly the Xojo 2021r1.2 ??

because webfileuploader

ah ok, this is your 2021r1.1 problem

What do not works with Date ?

IIRC, it has no SecondsSince1970. But I subclassed it and added SecondsSince1970, so when DateTime arrived it was easy to switch.

It has TotalSeconds, but this one starts at 1904 (with some maths, you can go back and forth).