Move project to new computer and now asks for images every time it's opened

I have a project that I moved to a new computer and when it is opened, it asks you to select the location of all the images in the project. So I go through the process of selecting the folder where all the images are located - they are images that are used in many of our applications so they are located in a separate folder, not the project folder. After resolving this, we save the project and if the project is open again it will once again ask for the folder location for all the images.

I found this thread that kind of describes this issue:

One of the issues is that this project will be managed on another computer, where it opens without any issue, and updated on this computer because it will be used to build and update our website.

This is a brand new iMac that was just setup. Xojo was installed on it and the folder structure is the same as our “developer” computers.

Anyway to resolve this issue?

I had that too.

But, when I moved the whole folder that holds the project and its support files, everything went OK.

Just do not move the project alone, then the images.

When everything is OK, save and everything is OK at the next Open.

If not the case, declare a bug.

I do not know why, but it is not a folder structure matter, but a “Copy the Whole Project Folder on a single copy”.
Copying first the supporting data then the project file (or the reverse) do not works (and I do not know why).

The project comes from an i5 MBP to M1 MPB (using a Memory Stick for the move), then I’ve done work there, then moved it via a MemoryStick back to the i5 MBP (VirtualBox running Windows 10, in the Shared Folder).
Yes, this is boring to move the images folders with the project EACH TIME, but that works (worked ?).