Movable Modal hide the taskbar

Why when I open a window Movable Modal hide me the win taskbar at the bottom?


The window has MenuBarVisible set to False. Under Windows, this setting hides the taskbar.

The IDE are things that still do not understand
Thanks Andrew :slight_smile:

I have the same problem and question, but in my case, there is no MenuBar to set Visible = False. My window is set as a Plain Box.


Even if your app doesn’t have any MenuBars, the Window.MenuBarVisible property can still be set to False.

Hello Andrew,

Thank you for the clarity! I had tried Window.MenuBar.Visible = False, not as you showed. However I got really strange results! When I ran it in debug mode, the entire taskbar disappeared - except for the Start button - Win7 Home Premium.

Was that the way it is supposed to be???

Maybe I misunderstood the thread. I thought that the goal was to keep the application from showing on the taskbar, not the hide the whole taskbar.

I created a new Conversation since my need is different than this thread…
How to prevent showing app in window taskbar?

Thanks again!