Mousewheel over textarea problem

I have a number of one-line TextAreas with no scrollbars on a scrolling canvas, the scroll for which is controlled by a vertical scrollbar (refScrollBar. When the mouse wheel is scrolled over these TextAreas I want the scrolling canvas to scroll. It works when the mouse cursor is inside the TextArea, but when it reaches the top border of the TextArea and I’m scrolling up it stops. If I position the mouse cursor to point to the top border, the TextArea control doesn’t get the mouseWheel event, but neither does the underlying canvas. So the scroll stops and can’t be started again with repositioning the mouse cursor. This of course make scrolling via the mousewheel very unpleasant.

This looks like bug #34887 in Feedback, which is listed as Reviewed but not Verified. If anyone else is running into this and is bothered by it, please add your vote.


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