How to get MouseMove coordinates x,y out of MouseMove event (canvas) ?
I want to get x,y coordinates from a method or anywhere in the project.

Add 2 int properties (moveX and moveY)

Then in mousemove set those properties to the value of X and Y

Then you can call those values how you see fit or when you need them

You can display them in a TextField just to see that it works

I do it, mouseX property named mX and mouseY named mY
in MouseEvent, mX=X, mY=Y .
TextField1.text = str(mx) … , doesn’t work.

Global methods are available on the System Module.


If you want them relative to the window, subtract it’s top left corner

System.MouseX - TrueWindow.Left

Here is an example but as Greg mentioned there is also System Module


It’s perfect, thank’s brian, thank’s greg .