Mouseexit not working properly for webcontainer

I noticed a discussion from 2012 that the mouseexit event does not work properly for webcontainers when the mouse exits to the bottom or right of the webcontainer. It works when exiting to the top or left. This problem with mouseexit still seems to exist. Has this been addressed in any way, or is there a viable workaround?

If you can’t tell when the mouse cursor leaves a control, it seems there is no way to create a menu or other control which pops up when the user is over a certain area and then closes when the mouse cursor leaves the area. Has anyone managed a workaround for this problem?

I noticed MouseExit does not always fire for all controls, not just WebContainers. I believe it must be due to the way the browser handles that. Or some inertia not seen in Desktop, since anything has to travel between the browser and the app.

If your app is not intensive in this kind of pop up, you could use carefully use MouseMove instead. It is traffic intensive, though.