MouseDrag refresh very slow

Hi all, I have a feature in my code where a user can click on a bar (which is a canvas rectangle object type) and drag the bar left or right in order to resize and relocate a series of objects. It works fine in Linux but in Windows the object location changes are updated very slowly. It looks very messy while the drag is in process. By messy I mean like when you have trails on your mouse except it’s not uniformed and the object trails stay for up to 1 to 2 seconds before clearing. The MouseUp event does clear the object trails. Also, there is no consistency regarding the speed of object refresh. Different objects refresh to their new locations are different rates.

Rx = X
Ry = Y
MouseDown = True //property
Return True

If X < Rx Then
Me.Left = Me.Left-(Rx-X)
ElseIf X > Rx Then
Me.Left = Me.Left+(X-RX)
End If

//resize boxes
OutterBox6.Width = OutterBox6.Width-(Rx-X)
OutterBox1.Width = OutterBox1.Width-(Rx-X)
OutterBox2.Width = OutterBox2.Width-(Rx-X)
OutterBox7.Width = OutterBox7.Width-(Rx-X)
OutterBox3.Width = OutterBox3.Width-(Rx-X)
OutterBox5.Left = OutterBox5.Left+(X-RX)
OutterBox5.Width = OutterBox5.Width - (X-RX)

//function updates object.left and object.width properties of numerous objects on 3 separate tabs in a Panel. some objects are relocated based on the value of Rx-X and others are relocated based on percentages of the box they are in. I didn’t include this method here because it is quite long.

Me.MouseCursor = System.Cursors.ArrowEastWest

Me.MouseCursor = System.Cursors.StandardPointer
MouseDown = False

The code was taken from the Relatives example project. Any recommendations greatly appreciated.