MouseDrag Not Firing

Hi All, I’m encountering this problem while using the MouseDrag event with a ContainerControl.

I red many older threads about people complaining of Mouse Events not firing due to a Xojo Bug so the only thing I can do is to ask you for the reason why it doesn’t work.

Xojo 2020 Release 2.

The answer is there:

ContainerControl is not in the list.

If so why Xojo gives this option in the contextual menu of the ContainerControl ?

It’s a new type of bug? Let’s call it scam.

What a waste of time!

Do you return true in the MouseDown event? If I do this, I get the MouseDrag event.

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Thank you Tim, it seems we got problems about the official documentation. I red about the return true method while reading the complaints but not that it must be implemented into the MouseDown event.

However it does not explain why the rules exclude the ContainerControl if it works. Or even it does not explain why the ContainerControl allows the implementation of the MouseDrag event if the documentation says it can’t.

I red it too @Emile_Schwarz but seems there’s confusion about.