MouseDrag Event Does Not Fire on Raspberry Pi w/ TouchScreen


This also appears to stop DragItem.Drag from working. I was able to make a sloppy work around the Mouse.Drag event with a timer and Window.MouseX/Y but I don’t see any way to solve this DragItem issue.

Has anyone had any success with RPi TouchScreen and DragItems, maybe a workaround?


In my experience it really depends on the maker of the touchscreen, and the driver(s) they provide. In the case of a screen I’m working with right now it registers touch as a MouseDown, but only once you lift your finger. So pressing-and-holding does nothing (and won’t support a Mouse.drag event). I think it all has to do with how sophisticated your touchscreen is, as to whether or not you can support the interaction you’re looking for.

I am using the official 7” touch screen, I would think it would have the best support?

One of our offices has a ton of those in use - I’ll be there later this week, I’ll check it out.

Thanks, for reference I’m using a Pi 4 with the latest raspbian, would be interesting to see if there is any difference between models or operating systems.