MouseDown/Up and Action Events don't work well on Chrome

MouseDown/Up and Action Events don’t work well on Chrome. I explain:

On my login dialog (web container) once the user clicks on the login button a progress wheel web container is embedded to the login dialog until the login action finishes.

The progress wheel container is embedded on both MouseDown and MouseUp events (only once, it ignores if it already happened) while the loginAction itself is in the Action event.

The Login Action will, if successful, show the “Customer Area” container and then close the Login Dialog and if the email/password is wrong let the user know.

It all works great on Safari and Firefox but on Chrome it only shows the Progress Wheel and hangs as if I can’t “talk twice” to the client-side. It neither shows the customer area or lets the user know the email/password is wrong.

Any thoughts?

btw, I did it like this in order to avoid using a web timer.

I don’t know how the web architecture works (never used it, never plan to) but why not accept a form submit like normal?
Why require clicking a button?

Hi Tim Parnell, I’m not sure I understand your suggestion. Do you mean having a regular HTML form in place etc?

As far as clicking the button that’s how every single login “form” works, either in xojo we or other web frameworks, no?