Mouse Events

I do a mouse down, move and a mouse up and use this combination to scroll a calendar in a web app. It works well on OSX in all browsers. How do I translate these or capture these movements on iOS in a web app without using websdk?

Have you tried your app in the browser of an iOS device already ?

Yes, most definitely an it does not respond in the same manner. For example using the touchpad on a Mac I can move the whole page up and down using two fingers. On the iPad and iPhone this is a one finger movement.

You better study the way iOS gestures work, which is different than a trackpad. In iOS and Android, scroll takes place with one finger.

You may need to alter your UI when showing the app in a mobile browser.

The two finger behavior you’re seeing on Mac is system level scroll wheel emulation, I’d wager it has nothing to do with your mouse down and up code.

Indeed the two fingers swipe is the standard scroll gesture on a trackpad. I use it on all web sites on my MacBook.

Just like the one finger swipe in iOS…

Thanks for your reply, but the question is ‘What is the equivalent to mouse down, move and a mouse up on on an iPad?’ in a web app and have you got an example.

Anything that inherits from WebControl has these events.

Only MouseDown and MouseUp fire, and they work pretty much the same. When the finger touches, MouseDown, when it is lifted, MouseUp.

MouseMove cannot work since there is no mouse cursor.