Mouse Cursor and Windows

I am using the following code in the MouseMove Event of a control to change the mouse to a finger pointer but the cursor only changes in OS X and not in Windows.

self.MouseCursor = System.Cursors.FingerPointer

Unless that code is in a subclass definition, you are setting the window’s cursor. The control has its own cursor. Try

me.MouseCursor = System.Cursors.FingerPointer

Also, MouseMove seems like a bad place to do this. I would use MouseEnter, or just set it in the Open event.

I was using

me.MouseCursor = System.Cursors.FingerPointer

but it was originally giving me weird results but it’s not now for some reason.

The code has to be in the MouseMove Event as under certain circumstances the cursor changes to a regular cursor without the cursor ever leaving the control so neither the MouseEnter nor MouseExit Events would fire.