More Xojo Web App (cgi) on the same server

Hi, I have a Ubuntu Server.
I have several active sites on this server.
I should create a different web app for each website, because everyone is different and has different needs.
Can I have more Xojo Web App (cgi) on the same server?

Yes you can.

how do you proceed ?
suppose I have 3 apps I want to access from, app2…, app3…
how do you make this work ?

I have:

I’m trying to make it work…

I don’t see the problem to have different domains with different cgi-bin directories even if the cgi app has the same name and everything is in the same server (if it has enough memory).

If you have different subdomains, like app1.mydomain app2.mydomain then I guess you need to assign a cgi-bin to each one and not use 1 cgi-bin for all subdomains.

If you want to have different cgi apps on same domain/cgi-bin directory then you need to do some changes

I didn’t have to do anything special to make it work. You do need to make sure you’re not manually specifying ports so they overlap. Other than that, I can’t think of any issues off the top of my head. I have one server with at least 3 apps running on it now in cgi mode. I didn’t do anything special for the second one. Just uploaded everything and set the permissions.

Each app needs a different AppID when on the same server.