More fun with multidimensional arrays and the debugger

Is it known that only the first element (0,0) is displayed in the debugger when looking at a multidimensional array?

Now that I have my typos sorted, I can’t see if the proper values are being added to the array elements without some sort of separate output to a debug environment listing each element of the array.

I thought that I recalled such a discussion way back, but since I primarily used arrays of classes or structs, I’d never delved into a multi-dimmed array.

IDE Bug?

I see all of them

		dim a(3,3) as integer

show me 16 pairs of numbers

Thanks, Dave. Yes - it turns out that I’m still seeing the debugger array refresh problem off an on - when I float my mouse pointer over them, they magically populate. I ran a new project with just your code and they popped up right away.