Monterey Update to 12.3.1 and running Xojo

This is running Xojo 2021r2.1.

I’ve made the update to Monterey 12.3.1 and was reminded about a Xojo misbehavior:

First of all, this update is unfriendly: once fully loaded, the computer is shut down without warning and install the update.

So, when the instll is done, macOS load back the running applications / each one load the data excepted Xojo.

Xojo simply display the Choose a Project window.

Is it still the case with 2021r3.1 ?

Fortunately, I was not coding, but testing the project (who was saved before running).

What is your feeling / experience on this matter (no project reload on crash / OS Update, whatever) ?

If the project wasn’t saved you would have been prompted prior to the reboot. At least I have been every time such an update was required.

As Ian says, if your project wasn’t saved, Xojo would have halted the restart and prompted you to save.

There are also System Preferences settings that you can change, so that updates aren’t automatically installed.

This is not a problem of update, but a problem in Xojo. I presented what happened to me while the update ran.

Let me reformulate with an every day example.

Every morning I shut down my computer before I left home. I do not quit all my applications because I know macOS will reopen them at next startup.
Unfortunately, Xojo do not re-open the project that was open at quit time (the project was saved). All other applications re-open the opened windows and display them back, ready to work.

In shorter words: Xojo is unable to open the last opened project that was not close at its previous quit time.

Of course, if your projects are always a one window only project and you always quit in design mode…

This avoid you to go manually where you were the last time (5 minutes ago or ‘the night before’) you were working with Xojo.
Is it clear now ? This may help you to avoid terminate a feature you had to stop working on previously.

I understood you perfectly, I was just giving you a way to avoid unexpected restarts. If you want Xojo to resume your last opened project when launched, then file a Feedback case. However, a quick test of two other IDEs on my computer show that they do exactly what Xojo does.

There are quite a few applications that don’t support that macOS feature. Usually because they don’t support the macOS document versioning system.

Personally I don’t ever shutdown my machine I just use sleep, so it wouldn’t make a difference for me.

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As a developer you need to either adopt Apple’s NSDocument based application structure or implement your own Window Restoration routines.

I’ve tried to adapt a Xojo application to follow the NSDocument structure, but I could never get all the pieces working correctly. However it’s not that difficult to create your own. I’ve included my code within the Ohanaware App Kit.

If Xojo is interested in supporting Window Restoration, they know where to reach me.